Profits from dairying is directly linked to management, feed and animal health maintenance. Vanproz Agrovet offers a range of products and solutions that enhance animal health and productivity the natural way. All the products are specific minerals formulations that are completely free of side-effects

Mineral Mixture

Cattle lics

Mineralised salt block contains essential nutrient trace elements like cobalt, zinc, iron, copper, iodine which help in maintain good health of animals by regulating metabolism and other physiological body processes of animals. To certain extent it also improves the yield of milk in case of bovines.

Cattle licks can be give to bullocks, sheep, goat. horses, camels etc. Please find the below details regarding Technical composition/analysis of product as required by you:

Each 1 kg of cattle lics contains:

S. No. Salts Percentage
1 Magnesium: 3-4%
2 Chloride: 60-63%
3 Copper: 0.03-0.06%
4 Cobalt: 0.01-0.02%
5 Iron: 0.25-0.30%
6 Manganese: 0.06-0.07%
7 Zinc: 0.04-0.06%
8 Potassium: 0.004-0.006%
9 Iodine: 0.01-0.02%
10 Caco3 powder: 25 gram
11 Sodium acid phosphate 5 gram
Calcium Mixture

Calcium Mixture is calcium & phosphorus enriched with Vit D3 & Vit B12 which are proven to increase absorption & utilization of calcium & phosphorus in the body.


  • Helps in improving milk yield in lactating animals
  • Helps in better growth & production

How it is better:

  • Better consistency of uniform & homogenous suspension for better results
  • Convenient & cost effective packs


  • Cows, Buffaloes and Horses:- 50ml
  • Colt, Calf and Heifers:- 20ml
  • Sheep and Goat:- 10ml