We are equipped with state of the art manufacturing plant at Bangalore, Karnataka. This is the most modern and up to date plant for providing complete agricultural solution in India as on date to successfully meet the ever increasing demands of our farmers.

All our machines are selected for their speed, reliability, efficiency and high quality process capabilities to suit the needs for manufacturing quality products.

The entire plant is laid out in well planned sections with smooth work flow, ample storage and processing facilities as well as effluent treatment with safety of people and safety of environment being our prime concerns while ensuring consistency and highest quality in our products.

When it comes to manpower, we have experts at every level to handle these sophisticated equipment's in our plant and a full complement of front office as well as back office staff for business transactions and customer interactions.

Machinery Details

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with boiler, mixture, packaging and other ancillary machineries that - among other tasks - process & packing of finished products.

  • Blender

    • Capacity: 500 kg per hour
    • Single Phase: 2 Units
  • Mixture

    • Capacity: 900 kg per hour
    • Origin: India
  • Packaging Machine

    • Capacity: 500 packs per hour
    • Single phase: 2 Units
  • Coagulator

    • Capacity: 250 ltrs
    • Single phase: 1 Unit
  • Filling Machine

    • Capacity: 2 Mt per day
    • Origin: India
  • Oven

    • Capacity: 1 MT per day
    • Origin: Taiwan
  • Sealing Machine

    • Capacity: 5000 packs per day
    • Single phase: 2 units
  • Seaving Machine

    • Capacity: 200 kg per Hour
    • Single phase: 2 units