Innovation is the outcome of continuous research and development, and a philosophy we follow in our all operations. Vanproz Agrovet is continuously evaluating existing processes as the stepping stone to further refinements.

Research & Development is a passion at Vanproz. A strong R&D program has resulted in the development of several unique patented products and solutions for a variety of problems related to nutrition & desease management for plants.

Innovative technologies

  1. V-Bind - First of its kind product, checks viral diseases. The unique formulation based on plant based alkaloids acts as a binder to various viruses. We have tested this product on tobaco mosaic virus & papaya curl virus at multiple climatic zones in India. Read More
  2. V-Kure - This is a very novel product, we have got patent for this product. This is a fungicide cum bactericide acts against majority of various diseases found in plants. This performance of V-kure is endorsed by many reputed national & international organizations. Read More
  3. V-Zyme - First of its kind products in India, V-Zyme enhances yield & improves systemic aquired resistance in plants. Read More