Vanproz Agrovet's plant protection products add value throughout the food value chain. They contribute to sustainable agriculture, reduce the environmental impact, help farmers produce quality yields for the food industry, and reassure consumers that their food is safe.


V-Kure is a 100% organic fungicide cum bactericide, it works againt a broad range of fungul and bacterial diseases.

Trials already done in multiple climatic zones in India in collaboration with reputed universities.

Crops - Tea, Coffee, Paddy, Wheat, Sugarcane, Vegetables, floriculture horticultural crops

Disease- Paddy- Blast, Powdery Mildew, Blister Blight, wilts, Early blight , Greasy spots, brown spots, root wilt etc


Vanproz Agrovet has identified certain plants based active compounds, which can control virus. V-Bind is a mixture of extracts of plants having medicinal properties. V-Bind is made from medicinal extracts and oil of herbs. V-Bind is very effective to prevent and cure all kinds of viral disease. It is sure shot product for treating LEAF MOSAIC, BUNCHY TOP, LEAF CURL and other viral diseases. Previous year affected farm requires prophylactic use of V-Bind. V-Bind act against virus by binding & stop further infestation.

Target Crops and Diseases:

  • Chilli: Leaf curl virus
  • Okra: Yellow mosaic virus.
  • Papaya: Papaya curl mosaic.
  • Tobacco: Yellow mosai virus.
  • Tomato spotted wilt and yellow leaf curl virus.
  • All Cucurbits mosaic virus.
  • Cauliflower mosaic virus.