Welcome to Vanproz Agrovet

Vanproz Agrovet LLP is one of India's leading plant biotechnologies companies specializing in 100% natural & safe Agricultural Inputs. The company's portfolio includes disease management and nutritional products catering to a wide range of plants & animal kingdome.

Research & Development is a passion at Vanproz. A strong R&D program has resulted in the development of several unique patented products and solutions for a variety of problems related to nutrition & desease in plants.

The R&D program also works on the preservation and propagation methods of Seaweed aimed at conserving their natural properties and maintaining the desired quality. This aspect is taken up by self and contract farming of seaweeds and their propagation by standard techniques like raceway pond, photobioreactor & in open cultivation in sea.

The rigour applied to product discovery applies to formulation development and product testing too. Every product formulated by the company undergoes stringent quality-control tests. A major emphasis is given to the right selection, scientific processing and efficacy evaluation of different products at multiple climatic zones of india.

As quality plays vital role in achieving customer satisfaction, Vanproz activities stem from the firm conviction that efficacy & quality of products is not coincidence or accident. Quality comes from well planned process along with quality control practices. Toxicological profiles of each raw material is thoroughly documented before inclusion in product formulations.

Vanproz Agrovet works for challenging and inspiring mission : "Sustainable Solutions For Agriculture"